Sustaining Membership Drive

Camp Fire North Texas will kick-off its Sustaining Membership Drive on November 5th, 2021. Members of our Board of Directors, Advisory Board and friends of Camp Fire will be contacting potential donors and asking them to partner with Camp Fire to ensure our ability to continue funding these programs. Our youth participate in a wide variety of programs designed to stimulate curiosity, build character and promote creativity. Last year, over 2,000 members benefited from our programs.

Founded nationally in 1910, Camp Fire was the first non-sectarian, interracial organization for girls ( “Camp Fire Girls”) in the United States. Camp Fire North Texas has been enriching the lives of youth in our community and outlying areas (Bowie, Electra, Olney. Henrietta and Archer City) since 1915 – for over 100 years. Based on a commitment to the entire family, membership was expanded to include boys in 1976. Camp Fire is an all-inclusive youth development organization which is focused on providing the skills necessary to lead meaningful, productive lives. Statistics for the Special Services After-School Program indicate that 70% of all members’ families are at or below poverty level. Youth are surrounded with positive role models (12 after-school staff) which foster a sense of security and belonging and which strengthens belief in themselves, trust in others and a hope for the future.

Programs provided by the council include Special Services (after-school program), Day Camp and Swimming and Outdoor/Environmental education. Programs are continually evaluated to ensure their relevance to the lives of the children we serve.

Your tax deductible donation would be greatly appreciated. To donate please click the link below.

When making an online donation, please add the PayPal fee to your payment. See the table below for a list of PayPal fees. For donations above $100, please add $2.56 to every $100 donated. For example, if you wish to donate $200, please make your total donation$205.12. Please contact the Camp Fire Office at 940-322-5209 for more information.

Donation                   Charge         Fee

5.00 5.42 0.42
10.00 10.53 0.53
15.00 15.64 0.64
20.00 20.76 0.76
30.00 30.98   0.98
40.00 41.21 1.21
50.00 51.43 1.43
60.00 61.66 1.66
75.00 76.99 1.99
90.00 92.33 2.33
100.00 102.56 2.56