Park & Pool Rental

Camp Fire North Texas’s Harrell Park contains sixteen beautiful acres of parkland. Many different varieties of trees and shrubs are scattered throughout the park. Cookout spots, in-ground grills and picnic tables are located throughout the grounds. 12X12 foot treehouses and colorful playground equipment can be found for the enjoyment of the many children who use Harrell Park.

Available for Rent:

The A.D. January Lodge is the largest building in the park and will seat 75 people. The building has a kitchen with a stove and refrigerator, a wood burning fireplace, separate men’s and women’s restrooms, central heat, ceiling fans and a water fountain.

The Gladys Marie Murph building (or GMM) holds 50 people. The building is complete with a wood burning fireplace, kitchen, restroom, central heat and air and ceiling fans.

Harrell Park’s swimming pool facilities are also available for rent. The pool measures 36’ X 106.2’, with a wraparound concrete deck and a stone bathhouse. Water depth is from 3 to 10 feet. We also have a 6″ deep splash pad for babies.

A signed contract and refundable deposit are required with all rentals. Rental rates are based on a minimum charge, number of park visitors and vacating the property in good condition. A caretaker lives on the park grounds in a house located on Terrace Street.

For more information, please contact Kathy at the Camp Fire North Texas office by calling (940) 322-5209, or by coming by 2414 Ninth Street. You can also contact her by email at