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Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

March 5 - March 19

Camp Fire’s Absolutely Incredible Kid Day is March 18, 2021!

It is a day of recognition for all children, not just Camp Fire Kids! We ask all adults and older siblings to write a note of encouragement to their children, siblings, nieces and nephews, neighbor kids or any child they think could use a boost to their self confidence. You may pick-up AIKD stationary any time during the month of March, at the Camp Fire office, 2414 Ninth St. It is free. There are tip sheets to help make your letter a great one and some copies of older letters to guide you.

All children need to know that they are cared for and important in this world. If you write a letter to a child telling them how much they are needed and cared for, they will probably keep that letter the rest of their lives. It is a wonderful feeling to know you made a child so happy that they will remember it forever. Please consider taking part in this day to help thousands of children get a wonderful letter.

Nathan Alexander is once again asking Texas Governor, Gregg Abbott, to declare March 18, 2021 as Absolutely Incredible Kid Day in the state of Texas! Both Mayor Santellana and the County Commissioners Court have declared Absolutely Incredible Kid Day in Wichita Falls and Wichita County!

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® is a national holiday celebrated every third Thursday in March. Every year, millions of people—like you—write/tell a young person in their life what makes them incredible. We founded this holiday in 1997 to lift up young people nationwide.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the next #KidDay #AIKD: March 18, 2021.

Pledge your voice belowcommit to encouraging a special kid in your life on March 18, 2021. Your words are powerful. Make an impact.

Please call us at 940-322-5209 for more information.

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