The Traditional Club program is the most familiar of our five major segments.  Each club is composed of an adult volunteer leader and co-leader, coming from all areas of society and ethnic backgrounds.  These clubs have a participating membership of six to twenty children with an average club being made up of 10 boys and girls.  Our membership is growing this year.

Our excellent outcome-based curriculum and developmentally appropriate curriculum  are written so that the leader and co-leader can take the programs and present them without a lot of preparation and figuring what they will do at their meetings.  The programs are organized into five subject areas called trails…Trail to Knowing Me, Trail to Family and Community, Trail to Creativity, Trail to the Environment, and Trail to the Future.  The children receive emblems and other forms of recognition to mark the completion of projects.  McRel Educational Standards are used in developing these programs.

Camp Fire North Texas individual members are charged $15 per year or $35 dollars for a family of 3 or more.


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    I give my permission that my child (or ward) become a member of Camp Fire North Texas . I will observe the rules of the council and I will waive any claims against Camp Fire North Texas except for claims arising from gross negligence or willful acts of the council or its agents that may arise from participation in the activities of the Camp Fire North Texas. I understand that reasonable measures will be taken to safeguard the health and safety of all participants and that I will be notified as soon as possible in case of any emergency affecting my child (my ward). In the event I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby authorize the calling of a physician to provide whatever emergency medical or surgical treatment is necessary. I accept responsibility for the cost of such medical treatments. My child (or ward) has my permission to attend and participate in all Camp Fire activities at Harrell Park, including swimming, skating, canoeing, and field trips outside of Harrell Park with proper staff supervision. I understand that an information relating to my child medical limited physical activity return to his/her school will be communicated to office personnel (not van drivers) by calling 322- 5209. Children will be released from the vans only when the driver acknowledges the parent's arrival. Children who are not picked up in a timely manner upon their return to school, and after every effort has been made to contact an adult (using contact numbers provided to Camp Fire) will be taken to the Children's Aid Society located at 1101 30th Street. Their telephone number is 322-3141. If your child needs to be taken home by the Camp Fire van, the van will take the children to the school first, and then children will be taken home. Please allow extra time for this. Disrespect and/or violent behavior toward anyone at any Camp Fire event, activity or function may result in the permanent expulsion of my child (or ward) from all Camp Fire activities in the future. This includes behavior on the vans.
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