After School

The start of the after school program is Monday, August 29th!

We post a calendar of programs each month. You can see what we have planned by Clicking Here

If you have any questions please call Ms. Elizabeth at the Camp Fire Office – 940-322-5209

The pick-up day for your child’s schools is as follows:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Burgess Washington Zundy
Scotland Park City ViewFowler
Southern Hills SheppardScotland Park

Thursday Friday
Cunningham Crockett
Milam Zundy
Haynes Southern Hills
City View

Camp Fire After School is open to children K-8th and is an immersive after school program that promotes life skills, arts, athletics, and helps children develop friendship within their age groups. It is open during the school year, beginning August 29th. We offer a van service at no additional charge that picks children up from school and drops them at school, or at home if necessary, when the day is over. Dinner is provided most days and parents are kept informed if weather or other circumstance closes the program. After School is held at the Harrell Park campground. The cost to attend the program is $15 per child per semester, totaling $30 for the year, or $35 per semester if you enroll 3 or more children. Camp Fire also offers a payment program to extend these payments over three months per semester. If you would like to enroll a child, please come by the Camp Fire office on 9th street to pick up a registration packet. Packets will also be provided to students during the school year to take home.

Please call the Camp Fire office for more information on any of our programs.

**Dates are subject to change. We will notify all members via the provided e-mail address as well as through social media. We will also notify the schools if we will be closed for any reason. 

We ask that all parents provide an up-to-date email address, as this will be an important form of contact in the event of a closure.**


  • Father or Guardian's Information

  • Mother or Guardian's Information

  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Please make every effort to pick your child up from the school at 6:00 pm.
    If necessary, Camp Fire vans can transport children home if arrangements cannot be made to pick them up at the school at the end of the day. Take homes do not start until all other children are picked up from the vans at the school, usually by 6:15pm. Please allow extra time for this.
  • Please Initial to signify your understanding and agreement to abide by the Transportation Policies.
  • Camp Fire has my permission to use photographs in which my child (or ward) appears for Camp Fire publicity.
  • Please Initial to signify your understanding and agreement to abide by the Behavior Policy Agreement.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please select which semester, or semesters, your child will be attending.
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